On October 25, 2015, Ms. Wu Fang, President of the Hungarian National Chinese Chamber of Commerce, made a special trip to Zikun. Chairman Chen Zhuoqun and Ms. Wu Fang conducted extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on the cooperation between the two sides in agricultural products. It is agreed that Hungarian beef has a broad market and cooperation base in China. As an industry veteran of imported food, Zikun has an in-depth and dense distribution channel in China. In addition, the new products of Zikun, which was launched by Zikun in 2016, will also require a large amount of beef. In order to ensure food safety and provide consumers with safe, healthy and nutritious foods, Hungarian foods that implement EU standards have naturally become preferred. This is also a good alternative to the current “zombie meat” food market. In order to promote and help the food trade with Hungary, Grandness International Limited.Hong Kong provides 365 days of RMB forward credit for Zikun. Ms. Xia Guizhen, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Import and Export, Mr. Hank Chiu, the chairman of Grandness International Limited., and Ms. Ye Qi, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Shanghai Zikun Industrial Co., Ltd attended the meeting.


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