1.Tourism Real Estate

  • Discovery Land of Dalian Jinshitan 5A National Scenic Area

Discovery Land is a large-scale theme park located on the golden beach of Dalian Jinshitan with total area of 470,000 square meters.

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  • Oriental Youshan Meidi of Jinshitan national 4A level tourist resort

Oriental Youshan Meidi is located at Jinshitan national 4A level tourist resort of Dalian. It has various type of Multistorey houses and marine hot spring club. The project is surrounded by high quality education resources such as Sino-Canadian Maple Leaf School, American International School and high-end leisure resorts such as National Coastal Geopark, Golf Club, Hunting Ground and Equestrian Stadium.

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  • Manjiang Ecotourism Project of Jilin Changbai Mountain

The Manjiang Eco-Cultural Tourism Project in Jilin Province is located in the northwest of Manjiang, Fusong County, Baishan City, about 39 kilometers away from the west hill of Changbai Mountain. Relying on the natural resources of Changbai Mountains, the project mixes eco-tourism, leisure, culture, modern science and technology together , promotes the transformation of traditional tourism to eco-leisure while optimizing the ecosystem, and provides one-stop tourism experience for tourists.

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2. Infrastructure

Bayuquan Port (Planning, operating and investment)

Bayuquan Port is an important comprehensive hub in China. It is the nearest seaport in Northeast China and Eastern Inner Mongolia. It is the largest cargo transport port in Northeast China and the major port in Liaodong Bay Economic Zone.

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  • Qinwangchuan National Development Zone in Lanzhou, Gansu (Industrial Planning)

Qinwangchuan new zone’s total area is 806 square kilometers, main area is 460 square kilometers. According to the preliminary plan, the new area is divided into ten zones, including general agricultural zone, airport logistics zone, airport industrial zone, equipment manufacturing zone, emerging industrial zone, recycling industrial zone and ecological leisure zone. Among them, the ecological leisure zone alone covers an area of 50 square kilometers, and will build a theme cultural park relying on an existing wetland.

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  • Yakeshi Xing’an New City in Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia (Orientation and Planning)

The overall orientation of Yakeshi Xing’an New City is to create the first Eco-City of frigid landscape in China. Xing’an New City is located at the east side of the old city and the east of the Zadun River. The planned area is about 40 square kilometers, and the nearest distance to the old city is about 1000 meters. According to the development sequence, the first development and construction is the Xincheng North District. The construction of the North District is divided into three phases: the first phase is about 10 square kilometers. The core development includes: service center office building, headquarters office, cultural and sports center, general hospitals, commercial center, and standardized primary schools, kindergartens, high-end communities, with its construction period of 2 years. The second phase is about 5.3 square kilometers. The core development includes: three high-end residential communities, one waterfront high-end community, construction time is about 1-2 years. The third phase is about 10 square kilometers. The core development includes: two high-end waterfront residential communities, two urban-level ecological parks on the west and north sides, and two business and leisure zones. The construction period is about 1 – 2 years.

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