The international city Hong Kong, which’s located in the equator line, has taken the leading opportunity of geographical position since history. As a hub of international business, trade and finance, Hong Kong not only implements of duty-free concessions on international free trade, but also offers convenience on financial transactions. And again as the gateway of China to the world, or the world’s to China, its trade and financial status is irreplaceable. Hong Kong, which is second only to London and New York, is the world’s third largest financial center and one of the world’s five largest trading harbor.

According to the Bank for International Settlements survey: in 2013, Hong Kong is Asia’s third-largest and the world’s fifth-largest foreign exchange market, its average daily turnover is 2,750 billion dollars. Hong Kong government has always insisted in maintaining a low tax policies to encourage trade and production. Compared with the rates in other countries, Hong Kong’s taxes are relatively more favorable.

In addition, being “a duty-free port without trade barriers, rare government intervention in the economy (policy of implementation of positive non-intervention), lowest inflation, minimal capital flows and foreign investment barriers, minimal financial and banking restrictions, rare salary and price intervention, firm concept of equity, low level maintenance of regulation and management, rare irregular marketing activity “and etc. characteristics of free market of non-intervention, Hong Kong was rated “the world’s freest economy” (on January 9, 2006)12 consecutive years by the US Heritage Foundation index of economic freedom.
In Forbes 2014 appraisal – “the most appropriate nation and region for business “, Hong Kong ranked second in the world. And also since ICAC’s establishment in 1974 in Hong Kong, the weather of endemic corruption was changed to clean of all, providing a good space for trade fair, and attracted a lot of foreign investment to Hong Kong. And efficient logistics services, which include the world’s busiest container port, the largest container throughput and excellent international airports, contribute to Hong Kong’s future.