• whatWeDoBill financing,
  • Trading financing,
  • Project financing,
  • L/C financing,
  • Government bonds and corporate bonds financing,
  • Supply chain integration financing

Our company, Grandness International Limited, was set up to be a diversified international trade financing platform in such a favorable heart zone, just taking advantage of its diverse geographical location and investment environment.
The company’s services include: bill financing, trading financing, project financing, letters of credit financing, government bonds and corporate bonds financing, supply chain integration financing and other financing business, which also undertaking financing business-related consultings, financial advisory and other services.
Guiding with steady operation, rigorous management, strict optimal combination of static risk control and dynamic risk control, Grandness promotes expansion and deepening of the social market economy credit; relying on its own professional competence to bear and managing market risks, Grandness helps to reduce information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, relieve major, medium, small, and micro enterprises’ financing problems, as well as boost its healthy development. Grandness expands and deepens financing business by its standardize commercial mode of operation, huge market-industry link system, strong business strategy and flexible operation mechanism, becoming a modern financial services platform with strong competitive advantage and suitability of demands of the times.
Currently Grandness is providing low risk and high credit international trading/procurement financing services (bio-way trading financing services: foreign procurement – Chinese exports, or Chinese procurement – foreign exports), facing of industries: machinery and electronic equipment, building materials, medical equipment, environmental equipment, fast moving consumer goods or plastics industry, contact with us, visits and appointments are highly welcome!